Brand new massage available at The One Lounge

Proud of oor Gillian and Paula for completing their Myofascial Release Massage course yesterday with gateway workshops. This technique is a quick and powerful method of releasing pain and tension in the body, allowing us to go straight to the area of pain such as the back, neck, hips etc. Myofascial Release (MFR) is the new “buzz” word in Massage and Bodywork. Forever proud of the girls and how much they want to learn.

Meet Cheryl, our newest team member

Cheryl is an HND qualifies beauty therapist who will be coming on board with us part time on a Sunday and Wednesday.

Excited to have her on board welcome to The One Lounge Family.

Paula at The One Lounge best Massage Therapist in Scotland - it's official!

We're so proud of our very own Paula who received the award at the SHABA event for Best Massage Therapist in Scotland!

If you haven't experienced Paula's magic hands, then book your massage with Paula here.


Chemo hair...
Loosing your hair is a traumatic experience for anyone. I often laugh with clients saying I miss my hair more than by breasts 😂
I honestly couldn’t have got through it without the help of our amazing hairdresser Lorna. Here’s how she kept my hair going throughout treatment.

1.pre Chemo 😩(dang I miss being a blondy!)

2. Using the cold cap. (I was lucky this helped keep about 30% of my hair and for me wasn’t a bad experience at all- would highly recommend it!)

3. With only about 40% hair left Lorna would put in conditioners to help with what was left

4. In this pic I’ve only got about 25-30% hair left. Lorna clipped in hair extensions for our Christmas Event! Couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror and had hair!

5. Wiggin it! Lorna cut my wig and styled it to make it feel like my hair! (Worked wonders and I felt like a new woman in this pic!)

6. Wig coming off as hair comes in. You wouldn’t believe it but at this stage my hair has about 5 different lengths in it and feels like sand paper as it comes back in curly and white!! 😵

7. Chopped and conditioned as well as some light colour full of olaplex which made my hair feel so much better and covered the white! 😜

8.slowly adding small highlights which Lorna did carefully and over time to help brighten my hair up whilst caring for how different it was whilst still using olaplex

9. Lorna ordered me some hair extensions and then cut them into a style and showed me how to fit them myself...I love feeling it in my shoulders again! 💇‍♀️

For anyone going through this I would highly recommend coming to see Lorna and having treatment with her. Couldn’t have managed the fuzz ball with her!!

The GHD ORACLE has landed at The One Lounge.

Struggle to curl your own hair?? Here is the answer!! Order your GHD Oracle today! Give us a ring on 0141 637 5668 for delivery and prices.