Whether your looking to strengthen, lengthen, or repair nails our expert nail technicians provide a bespoke nail experience. Using only the latest products from world-renowned nail experts such as CND, Izabelle Hammon and IBX we aim to give you a truly unique experience from start to end. When it comes to your nails, our team boasts some amazing transformations who can create the nails you’ve been dreaming of. We also offer a unique strengthening IBX treatments to keep your nails looking fantastic, as well as bespoke nail art services. 



CND Vinylux Nail Polish

Using only CND Vinylux Nail Polish, this treatment includes, shaping of your nails, an extensive choice of Vinylux polishes, with top coat included.we have a luxury pedicure chair.

Vinylux Nail Shape and Polish (hands or feet) £17

Vinylux Nail Shape and Polish (hands and feet) £30


Welcome to a brand new way of doing future treatments.


The Elim MediHeel Pedicure was designed and formulated to offer clients a superior system focussing on a restorative pedicure.  The system has 9 essential steps and guarantees a longer lasting result .Includes a chemical peel exfoliation, hard skin removal, cuticle tidy, heated mask, massage nail shape and either a polish or Shellac Gel polish all in the comfort of our luxury Pedicure chair or manicure table

MEDIHEEL Express pedicure with polish -£30

MEDIHEEL Express Shellac pedicure - £40

MEDIHEEL luxury pedicure with polish - £48

MEDIHEEL luxury pedicure with Shellac - £52

MEDIHELL luxury reshellac pedicure (must be previously applied at The One Lounge) - £55


Hands are the first area of the body in which ageing appears. MediHand contains treatments that target signs of ageing and help with hydration. The products are focused on obtaining results and never compromising on the experience. Includes a CND shellac gel polish 

Elim Medihand manicure with no polish - £32

Elim Medihand manicure with CND Vinylux polish - £40

Elim Medihand manicure with CND shellac gel polish - £45

Elim Medihand prescription reshellac manicure (must have been previously applied at The One Lounge - £55




14 day wear, mirror finish, zero dry time, no damage. Together with a UV Lamp, they comprise the breakthrough in resilient colour that remains flawless for two weeks and removes in 10 minutes. At the One Lounge we have a vast range of colours, nail art, glitter and other nail accessories to choose from. We only use CND branded products for all stages of your nail care, ensuring that no damage is done to your nails.


Shellac hands or feet - £27
Shellac removal (applied by us) and re-application - £32
Shellac hands and feet - £49
Reshellac hands and feet (applied by us) - £59
Shellac removal (applied by us) - £9
Shellac/gel polish removal (applied elsewhere) - £15
Shellac hands with builder gel - £34
Shellac hands builder gel rebalance and repaint - £36
Shellac builder gel removal and reapplication - £38


CALGEL does not prevent nail growth and provides beautiful, long lasting and glossy nails, for up to six weeks. Its damage free soak off has gained a strong reputation since its introduction; CALGEL is a true one phase soak off gel. CALGEL is extremely hard wearing; its strength is in its flexibility as it acts as a shock absorber on the natural nail, removing the risk of chipping and cracking. This allows movement with the natural nail and reduces the possibility of breakage and snapping.

Calgel overlay £38

Calgel infill £40

Calgel removal and reapplication £48

Calgel feet £32

Calgel Removal (done in the One Lounge) £15

Calgel Express Tip Extensions £46

Calgel Tip Extensions/Sculpture Infill £38

Calgel Express Tip Removal and Re-Application £50


nail re-growth service

includes a course of 3 x ibx treatments 

2 x calgel clear overlays 

1 x calgel colour overlays.

*3 treatments over 6 weeks*

value - £124.00 price now - £75.00
full payment on first appointment 

IBX Nail Treatment

IBX Strengthen. Penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail's top layers to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating. Also used to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long! Use to toughen and grow natural nails, or to insure nail plate integrity under nail enhancements.

First treatment under Vinylux, Shellac, Calgel £8.50
Follow up treatment under Vinylux, Shellac, Calgel £5.00
On its own with a file and cuticle work/follow up £12/£8.50


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