Hot oil foot massage

A great way to soothe tired feet, help to eliminate fluid retention, and stimulate circulation with a detoxifying heated oil

10 minutes  £10.00

Therapeutic hand massage

A lovely hand massage and hydrating treat, to soothe and help improve ailments such as carpal tunnel, arthritis and general aches.

10 minutes  £10.00


Neck and shoulder stretch

A face up 15 minute massage focused on neck and shoulder area, to help relieve tension, stress and general aches. Using your choice of blended oils

15 minutes  £15.00

Eye Lift 


Chin Cryo





Hydrotherm therapy

Float away on our warm water pillows, with this face up massage, focusing on tight muscles, stress and general aches

 20 minutes  £20.00

OL pro-rejuvenation eye peel

 This hydrating 20 minute eye treatment will lift, tone and tighten and resurface the delicate eye area, help restore tired puffy eyes, with the effective use of micro current and Stress busting eye serums. The eye area will be brighter, refreshed and renewed.

 20 minutes  £20.00

OL hot oil scalp massage 

Tired and dull scalps  are given a relaxing and nourishing hot oil massage. Sooths the body and mind and great for tension build up. A great 15 minute add on delight.


15 minutes   £15.00



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