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🌿Thai fusion has arrived. 🌿


Unique to The One Lounge, a heavenly full body signature treatment using massage and muscle stretching to free the body of blocked energy and achieve natural harmony and balance. Combined with a hot ‘Thai poultice’ filled with traditional Thai herbs to relieve tired and aching muscles and improve skin texture. This is a heavenly 90 minute treatment for those looking for a unique Thai experience and who enjoy massage.


This full body massage uses traditional Thai stretch techniques and massage poultice to relieve tired and aching muscles and improves skin texture by gently rolling and kneading a steamed muslin ball filled with a variety of Thai herbs across your body. This gently warms your muscles until they are ready to receive the oil massage. Using the most relaxing techniques, this full body massage completely restores you from head to toe and is especially effective for those with poor circulation, tired and overworked muscles, stiff joints and osteoarthritis.



Book yours today! Available from March 2022!!!