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B12 and Menopause

Vitamin B12 is an essential micronutrient that is needed for more bodily processes than you probably realised.

Many of its deficiency signs match those of the menopausal transition so it’s important to determine if your symptoms are deficiency-related or not.

Here are the main signs and symptoms of B12 deficiencies that show up at this stage of life:

Tiredness and fatigue

Difficulty thinking or memory issues

Low moods such as apathy, depression, or irritability

Digestive complaints

Issues staying asleep

Feeling like your heart is racing and pounding

Other common complaints include

Numbness, tingling, or other altered nerve like sensations in your body such as burning feet

Clumsiness, balance, or gait problems

Development of tremors

Vision changes

Feeling light-headed, weak, or dizzy

Feeling short of breath

Having an inflamed red tongue

Loss of appetite

Cardiovascular complications

Bone loss

A routine blood test will show any deficency.

Getting a B12 booster every 3 months will help to improve and alleviate the issues above.

See an improvement in your mood, help speed up your metabolism and see through the brain fog. 🧡🧡

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