NEW Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil

Launching 28th May

Retinol is a powerful ingredient that helps combat visible signs of ageing. We're answering some of your more frequently asked Retinol Clearing Oil questions below! 👇🏿⁠

✨Q: Can I use it every night right away, or do I need to build up tolerance?⁠

A: Retinol Clearing Oil can be used every night. If you experience any sensitivity, reduce use to every other day or a couple times per week⁠

✨ Q: Can I use Retinol Clearing Oil during the day?⁠

A: Because Retinol can become less effective when exposed to sunlight and can make skin more sensitive to the sun, we recommend using this product only at night and applying sunscreen each day.⁠

✨ Q: Can I apply around the eye area?⁠

A: Avoid the eye area and use AGE Reversal Eye Complex instead.⁠

✨ Q: Can I use this product while breastfeeding?⁠

A: Please do not use Retinol while pregnant or breastfeeding.