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Your skin and how to get the best from it

Most of you who know me you’ll know I’m a total skin geek! I love nothing more than delving into talking about the skin, it’s structures, health and how to get the best from it.

As a busy working mum 😓I don’t have as much time for skin treatments as I like so when I pick my skin service I pick one that will drive home results fast such an SOS or micro-needling.

What I do invest and take time in is my home care skin routine when the kids are in bed! Part of that is skin supplementation.

I always explain it to clients like…using skincare? Great your keeping the inside of your house(skin) nice and clean, renewed and airtight.

Are you supplementing? That will keep the foundations of your house (skin) structurally stronger . This in turn will help the skincare work better, feed the lower layers of your skin that skincare can’t reach to help promote collagen production at the rate we want, hydrate it, increase cell turnover, plump it up, give it that glow we all want.

Invest in the foundations of your skin, trust me long term it’s one of the best ways to prevent premature ageing, trans epidermal water loss and give it all round health…ALL YEAR

Chat with our skincare specialist today about our amazing @advancednutritionprogramme supplements in store by booking a product consultation. 👋