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We have the perfect solution for skin healing - introducing HYPO21

This amazing product boosts the skins ability to repair itself, used to treat the likes of..

💮 Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, coldsores, cuts and grazes and many more skin concerns.

Heres the science...

Hypochlorite vs Hypochlorous


The bleach for cleaning. While this is effective in disinfecting surfaces, its chemical nature can have negative effects to the delicate balance of the skin.

Both HOCI and Hypochlorite are effective at killing bacteria, but chemically speaking hypochlorous is more effective.

It is suggested that pure HOCI is 150 to 300 times more effevtive than sodium hypochlorite.


Natures skin guardian.

A natural and gentle solution produced by our own immune system. It plays a vital role in skin health. Helps to combat microorganisms without compromising the skins natural defences.


Why choose HYPO21????

Its proven to be more effective than any other hypochlorous based product.

Designed for skin health, promoting a healthy skin microbiome, protects against irritation and gives a balanced and radiant complexion.

It is gentle and non toxic, suitable for all skin types.

It soothes and calms and promotes healing.

Dermatologist approved, whats not to love!!! 🩷🩷🩷

Available in clinic now, in a handy spritz its so easy to use throughout the day.